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For Him Plumbing used Advanced Work Van’s 5-step process to find the right upfits for its business.
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The current mobile work space had hard to reach parts, limited shelf space, and inadequate floor space for ease of movement. Additionally, the flooring material was not functional for handling potential excess water from daily plumbing jobs.

For Him Plumbing LLC, seized the opportunity to invest in a work van to culminate their successful working career. The dream van needed to be more efficient, store more parts and tools, and most importantly, have everything organized and accessible.



The Hammonds documented the needs of their work van, researched the latest products, sketched the inside of the van, and collaborated with the installation team at Advanced Work Van to arrive at a plan.

The installation proposal addressed the efficiency desires for the van and ensured a safe mobile working space! Starting in the front of the van, a composite partition, to reduce road noise and help climate control, with a hanging literature holder was installed. They worked through the back of the van with safety and efficiency in mind. A place for everything and everything in its place. A new hard rubber floor, and shelves with space for most everything. Grab and go parts cases, and small drawers for hard to find small items, plus extra space for a ladder, hoses, and a hand truck, to finish the job.

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Upon final review of the work van, the Hammonds identified an enhancement for the loading of extended pipe above the shelving units to maximize storage space and headroom. The change was executed immediately.

A photo was captured, highlighting the van transformation, as equipment was transferred from the old to the new van. The Hammonds looked forward to the newly upfitted van’s maiden voyage!


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