Expanded Depth Without Sacrificing Aisle Space

Safely and securely store wire and cable boxes, commercial storage cases, totes, larger tools, consumables, and more.

Configurable Shelving

Configure shelves up or down in 1” increments for a perfect fit.

Eliminate Wasted Space

Save space around the wheel well with an 8” shelf option to keep loose pipes and fittings from rolling around the van floor.

Prevent Slips, Trips & Falls

Optional Undershelf 10′ Conduit Tray storage securely houses conduit under the shelf for easy access from the back of the van.

Shelving Unit Sizes

Available in:
Widths – 32”, 40”, 44”, 50”, 60”
Heights – 46” (GM), 49” (Ford) or 63.5” (High Roofs) high units with open bases (or back panels to keep items from falling out)
Deep – 16”
Lips – 2”

Weight Capacity Per Unit

80 lbs for 12″ top shelf and 125 lbs per mid/bottom shelves evenly