Build a Better Business: Advanced Upfit Solutions for Superior Vehicle Cargo Management

Superior Vehicle Cargo Management

Vans and trucks have been used to transport precious cargo and equipment for decades. Their use is set to continue growing as the importance of fleet operations continue to expand across the country. As this demand grows, the need for excellent cargo management solutions will grow as well.



Upfitting your work van or truck is a complex process that requires an understanding of the ways proper work van cargo management can be realized. At Advanced Work Vans, we’re dedicated to bringing the best and most affordable cargo-carrying solutions to our customers. In this article, we’re diving deeper into what expert work truck cargo management solutions can do to boost productivity and job safety for your business. Take a look at how we work to provide custom solutions for our customers, and how you can take advantage of our services for a more streamlined and efficient business now.

What’s in an Upfit?

The beauty of custom work vehicle cargo management is that you get to pick and choose the solutions you need for the best experience possible. Some of the most popular upfits include:

· Shelving: This is by far one of the most popular options available for people seeking cargo management solutions. Installing shelves allows for less labor, less damage, and an improvement in overall productivity thanks to the efficiency provided by a top-tier shelving set-up.

· Drawers: Chances are you’ll need to bring parts, tools, or supplies in your work van or truck. The last thing you want to do is spend half an hour looking for the correct part while trying to do your job. That’s why it’s an excellent idea to have drawers installed into your vehicle for superior organization and security.

· Partitions: This item’s importance can’t be understated. Effective partitions separate you and the surrounding cab of your vehicle from everything in the back. This keeps you safe while cruising through traffic. Plus, an effective partition is great at reducing how much sound is heard from the back, which equals a more comfortable driving experience.

· Ladder Racks: Larger items don’t always fit in the back of your van or truck. One such item is the ladder. With ladder racks, you can take this important tool with you without compromising your time or safety whether on the job or traveling to the next job site.

· Truck Boxes: Cargo vans and trucks nowadays are expected to function as a portable office. Often, employees use their work vehicles to conduct business of all kinds on a daily basis. As such, you need the means to keep your documents and other important items safe, yet accessible. With a lockable truck box, this is a reality. Some benefits of this upfit options are anti-theft features and improved organization at the job site.

· Electronic Accessories: The business world has gone digital, which means it only makes sense to consider upfitting your vehicle with the latest electronic accessories such as automated inventory, sensors, security systems, and mobile-connected devices. This may be one upgrade that completely transforms your business, allowing your employees to save time, improve productivity, and more.

Cargo Management Solutions with Advanced Work Vans

As a company, we’ve provided custom cargo management solutions for over 20 years. Besides our customer-first policies and service practices, we owe our success to our tried-and-true five-step process that personalizes each project for our customers:

· Assessment: Work doesn’t begin until we’ve evaluated your needs and current vehicle setup.

· Create a Solution: After the assessment is complete, we start working on creating the best custom solution that will make your business better.

· Installation: Our technicians are highly trained to complete a perfect installation of your custom uplift.

· Delivery: We believe that efficiency is essential in the workplace, including our own. That’s why we promise to deliver the finished product fast—in some cases, as little as just five days.

· Follow-up: We always provide follow-up services to ensure that our customers are satisfied. Once you’ve had a chance to try out the upgrades, we’ll check in with you to make sure you’re completely happy with the solutions we’ve provided.

Are you ready to streamline your company’s efficiency and boost safety standards with superior cargo management solutions? To get started building a better business for you and your team now, give us a call to speak with one of our agents about our custom work vehicle cargo management services. You can also fill out our online form to request a free, on-site evaluation and estimate with one of our experts now.