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Extendobed Sliding Platform

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With Extendobed, every piece of equipment in your truck is within easy reach. This pullout platform extends well beyond your taillights, making it the smartest solution for maximizing your truck’s storage space.

Just unlock, slide out, and immediately get what you need—right when you need it. 

Durable Commercial-Grade Construction:

  • Extends 110% past your taillights for complete accessibility
  • Supports up to 1,200 lbs of equipment
  • Backed by a comprehensive 20-year warranty

See the dollars behind the scenes:

A case study with a pest control service showed a dramatic increase in capacity—vehicles equipped with the Extendobed served about 20 additional clients each month. At an $80 service fee per client, that’s an extra $1,600 monthly per vehicle or up to $19,200 per vehicle annually.

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