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Our custom work van upfits eliminate workflow inefficiencies so your professionals can do more.

Daytona Beach Work Vans and Work Trucks

Whether you repair pipes, fix locks, or paint walls, your Daytona Beach business is unlike any other—so why should your work vans look exactly the same as every other trade? At Advanced Work Vans, we know that a customized fleet results in significant benefits to your entire company, ranging from a safer workplace to faster service calls to bottom-line increases in profitability.

And that’s where our expertise shines!

We design and install completely customized work vans and trucks, designed to meet the requirements of your specific trade, work process, and service professionals. Our mission is to help keep you safe & make you more productive—and that means a custom design for every Daytona Beach work truck upfit.

Why Invest in a Daytona Beach Work Van Upfit?

At Advanced Work Vans, we’ve been studying the needs of tradesmen across Florida for more than 20 years now. Our on-the-ground experience gives us helpful insight into what your business might need, but we always base our custom solutions on you.

With our specialty cargo management products and our custom work vans, Daytona Beach FL businesses see immediate and long-lasting benefits:

  • Significantly Reduced upfittersworkflow Inefficiencies
  • Less Productivity Loss
  • More Satisfied Employees, Thanks to Better-Organized Inventory
  • Higher Levels of Security with Lockboxes and Shelving
  • Safer Work Environments

By giving your personnel easy access to the tools and equipment they need, you’ll get faster service calls, too—which in turn means happier clients, fuller schedules, and higher profits! We’re a certified partner for Adrian Steel, so you can rest assured that your work truck upfit will be built to last even the harshest field conditions.

Our Process for Work Vehicle Customization in Daytona Beach, FL

We utilize a highly consultative process for every vehicle upfit in Daytona Beach, ensuring that our cargo management solutions and space-maximizing products are focused on solving the unique challenges that you face. We’ll design, implement, and deliver your new Daytona beach work van upfit in as little as five days, and then we’ll validate your solution through a post-installation follow-up.

Daytona Beach Work Vehicle Upfit Solutions for Every Trade

Because our upfitsupfitters are completely customized to each individual company, we’re able to meet the specific needs of any trade. Our most popular upfitting solutions in Daytona Beach include—but are certainly not limited to!—the industries below:

  • HVAC
  • Plumbers
  • Electricians
  • General Contractors
  • Auto Glass Repair
  • Marine
  • Delivery
  • Gas and Utilities
  • Locksmiths
  • Maintenance
  • Municipality
  • Painters
  • Security
  • Telecom Installers

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Don’t settle for a typical work fleet—get the best vehicle for your specific job by trusting Advanced Work Vans. When it comes to custom work trucks, Daytona Beach businesses know that we provide the industry’s best and most validated solutions to any upfittersworkflow, storage, or safety problem!

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