Home Builders Institute (HBI) Has Opened The BuildStrong Academy Of Orlando – They Will Train And Place Florida Students Who Want To Pursue Careers In The Skilled Construction Trades

As our nation faces an overall shortage of skilled tradespeople, experts are specifically warning about rising demand for electricians, a growing tradesmen deficit in the construction industry, and a concerning decrease in plumber apprentices.

Skilled tradespeople are instrumental to the construction and maintenance of homes, businesses, and frankly our way of life as we know it. As the skilled labor shortage reaches crisis level with an additional 2.2 million new hires needed over the next two years in the construction industry alone, the Home Builders Institute (HBI) has opened a new Orlando-based training facility for jobs in construction!

The BuildStrong Academy of Orlando will train and place Florida students who want to pursue careers in the skilled construction trades. The program is free to trainees and is expected to be a wonderful asset to address skilled labor shortages in our state.