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Unlock the full potential of your SUVs with our custom upfit solutions.


We understand that work vehicles come in all shapes and sizes. That’s why our expertise extends beyond vans and trucks to cater to a wide range of specialty vehicles, including SUVs. Our experienced team members are here to assist you in obtaining the precise, hard-working gear you need for your SUV.

Whether you utilize a box truck, flatbed truck, pursuit vehicle, responder vehicle, sedan, service body truck, SUV, or trailer, we offer a full line of products designed to ensure that you can perform your job efficiently, safely, and in a well-organized manner. We are dedicated to putting everything you depend on right where you need it.


Commercial Van Interiors specializes in providing a wide variety of custom upfits for SUVs. Our offerings include:

1. Standard cargo storage and containment equipment: We offer a range of solutions to help you efficiently store and organize your cargo in the SUV, ensuring easy access and maximum utilization of space.

2. Combination passenger/cargo separation products: If you require a dual-purpose SUV for carrying both passengers and cargo, we have products specifically designed to create a secure separation between the two areas, providing safety and convenience.


Our SUV upfit solutions are ideal for various applications, including:

– Fleets: Whether you have a fleet of SUVs or a single vehicle, our upfit solutions can be tailored to meet your fleet management needs, ensuring consistency and efficiency across your operations.

– Tech and light service: If you work in technical or light service industries, our SUV upfits can be customized to accommodate your specific equipment, tools, and supplies, making your job more streamlined and productive.

Count on us to provide you with the expertise and products needed to optimize your SUV for peak performance. We understand the unique challenges you face and are committed to helping you overcome them.

Discover how our customized solutions can enhance efficiency and safety in your SUV operations. Partner with us to unlock the full potential of your work vehicles.

Your trusted partner in outfitting specialty vehicles for optimal functionality.

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