Defend Against Workplace Hazards - Protect Yourself and Your Team

Enhance safety with our robust steel guards – protection from shifting cargo hazards.


Introducing our exclusive line of robust steel guards designed to shield you from potential dangers caused by shifting cargo. Whether you refer to them as rear window protectors, cages, protective grills, cab guards, safety racks, grille guards, or headache racks, one thing is certain – you need reliable protection.

Say goodbye to headaches and safeguard your well-being with our unparalleled steel headache racks. These formidable racks not only shield your cab and rear window from damage caused by moving cargo but, more importantly, they ensure your safety and that of your team. Without a headache rack in place, the risk of tools and cargo shifting in the truck bed and crashing through the window into the passenger area is a serious concern.

Our headache racks serve a dual purpose by providing a perfect platform for mounting additional lighting options. Enhance visibility with traffic-warning lights, strobe lights, or work lights, strategically positioned at an optimal height on the rack. The added advantage is that these lights can be effortlessly attached to the racks, eliminating the need for any drilling into your truck.

You and your team are invaluable assets, and your safety should be prioritized above all else. Invest in the strongest, most dependable, and long-lasting barrier possible between you and the valuable gear you transport in the rear of your pickup truck. Trust our innovative guards to provide an unyielding shield that withstands any challenge.

Take charge of your safety and elevate your protection to new heights with our cutting-edge solutions.

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