Protect Your Employees With An Adrian Steel Partition

A partition is a barrier that separates the cargo area from the cab area and helps protect the occupants in the cab from shifting cargo when the vehicle is in operation.  In addition, it can reduce cabin noise and provide better climate control in the cabin.
All Adrian Steel partitions allow for full-seat travel to get maximum legroom and can be accessorized to increase your safety and productivity.
  • Composite Partitions – Featuring a one-piece construction and made of composite material, these partitions are designed to fit the contours of the vehicle for a tighter seal to reduce noise and retain climate control.
  • Sliding Partition – If you need to access your cargo area frequently then a sliding door partition is right for your business. Eliminate 50% of the trips needed to access your cargo at every stop by simply walking through the partition.
  • Steel Partitions – Choose between solid panels or perforated panels which allow air and heat into the cargo area. An optional door kit is available for those wanting to reduce exposure to the elements, or for those looking for quicker cargo access.
  • Wire Partitions – A full mesh wire partition provides maximum visibility and airflow. The recessed design allows for maximum adjustability of the front seats without restricting the storage space in the back of your work van.
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