A slip on the job can cost you weeks of productivity and potentially a lifetime of chronic pain.  Advanced Work Vans knows safety is part of productivity, and our Adrian Steel Safety Steps can make the difference between an on-the-job injury or a productive day on the job site.
Available for both rear and side doors, these safety steps incorporate slip-resistant designs with a grated platform that reduces the risks of moisture or dirt build-up to keep you surefooted when moving in and out of your van.Easier Access – Adding an extra step makes it easier to climb into or out of your van.  No more heaving steps just to get into your vehicle to grab what you need!Build-Up Resistance – Work can be dirty.  Dirt and moisture build-up from the job site or bad weather can make moving in or out of your van a hazard.  This design helps fight these risks for a safer step every time.Contact Us today to learn more about Adrian Steel Safety Steps, including compatible vehicles.  We have staff available at any of our 7-location showrooms.