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No matter what type of organization you need in the bed of your truck, our installers can make it happen.

Custom Work Truck Upfits

Trucks are the workhorse of tradesmen and contractors alike. They’re a transportation staple for various industries and are an essential part of any successful business. Capable of carrying tools, gear, and any parts needed for the job, there’s really no better vehicle out there. When compared to vans, work trucks provide more adaptable storage options and are capable of handling more varied road conditions due to their four-wheel drive.

However, no truck comes fully outfitted to handle the needs of your business. Truck upfitting companies take your existing vehicle and transform it so that it has all of the bells and whistles your jobs require. Advanced Work Vans is the preferred Florida company for work vehicle upfits. With premium products made in the USA, all servicing diverse industries, we are the company to call for your business.

Florida Truck Upfitters Near Me

Advanced Work Vans specialize in a range of industries so that no company is left without a work truck. General contractors are one of our biggest customers, and we’re able to design custom trucks suited to the demands of their work. From electricians and carpenters to landscapers and roofers, we’ll provide your company with the solutions to handle any amount of equipment.

Custom Solutions for Your Truck Upfits

If you can dream it, we’ve got it. As the leading commercial truck upfitters in Florida, we provide a long list of products that can be utilized by any industry. Trucks have a special set of requirements when compared to vans, and must accommodate the unique shapes of the bed. We’ve got all that and more. Some of our options include:

  • Tool Boxes: We have all sizes of tool boxes that can be installed in various locations including across the bed, under the body, or on the sides.
  • Hitches: We can fabricate custom-made hitches and towing accessories that will allow you to handle any weight of trailer your truck allows.
  • Electronics: From exterior lights to backup cameras, our electrical technicians can outfit your truck with a clean install.

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Never show up unprepared to a job site again. With truck unfitting, your Florida business will always have everything it needs in the vehicle, organized exactly how you want it. Advanced Work Vans provides the quality solutions every industry needs and provides a range of options to match it. Contact us today.

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Starting with Greg Allen, his care and attention to detail for our specific needs was outstanding !! The quality of the workmanship was superb and the job was completed in the time frame that he gave us. Greg’s shop is immaculate and you could eat o…

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